Jacqueline Thomas

Co-ordinator of Glasgow Mentoring Network

After spending the early part of her career working in the private sector as a commercial risk broker, Jacqueline changed direction to concentrate on her real interest; people.

From 1991 she was employed by CSV in Glasgow, to design, develop and deliver personal development programmes for people overcoming physical and mental illness.

In the latter stages of her employment with CSV she became increasingly interested in the concept of Mentoring for professional development and, in 1999, moved from there to take up the role of co-ordinator for Glasgow Mentoring Network, the first formal best practice network dedicated to mentoring in Scotland.

Through this work she became aware of the pressing need to establish a national forum for Scotland and, from 2003 – 2006, spent much of her time working towards creating this.

Things have moved on tremendously since that time, however Jacqueline's commitment to supporting the ongoing development of Mentoring in Scotland remains through her work with GMN and with the board of SMN; she has spoken on local, national and international platforms about the need for effective, well defined and supported initiatives, actively participates in the design of new training initiatives and programmes and contributes to a range of working groups attached to both individual projects and policy based committees.