Member News: MCR Pathways expands to all Glasgow Secondary Schools

29 September 2017

Member News: MCR Pathways expands to all Glasgow Secondary Schools

Disadvantaged and care experienced young people in every Glasgow secondary school will now be able to benefit from the pioneering and highly successful mentoring and talent development programme developed over the last decade by MCR Pathways and Glasgow City Council.

Presently, more than 700 young people – across 15 secondary schools – are supported in their schools by MCR and mentors from all walks of life and all ages. Over the next 4 months the programme will roll-out to all 30 city secondary schools.

Powerful statistics recently published in MCR's Impact Report revealed that more secondary pupils than ever before are achieving better results in literacy and numeracy and staying on rates in this group of young people is at an all-time high.

These statistics are reversing decades of poor national outcomes for young people in the care system, record numbers of Glasgow’s young people are progressing directly to college, university and employment. Where it was 48.8% previously, for mentored young people it is now 81%.

Speaking on 29 September, Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills & Early Years said:

"The partnership between MCR Pathways and the council over the last 10 years has had an incredible impact on the lives of the young people who’ve been mentored or been a part of the talent tasters. 

"The fact that we can now take this successful model into the rest of our secondary schools and make a difference in the lives of every young person in need is great news for all involved – the schools and of course the young people.

"However, it does mean that our efforts to attract mentors to the programme is now crucial so as to meet the demand that we have identified across the city."

Iain MacRitchie, Founder of MCR Pathways, said:

"People make Glasgow and from every walk of life. This year’s People Make Glasgow Inspiring City Award for MCR was based on we the fantastic variety of mentors we have of all ages, professions, jobs and backgrounds. They all share the commitment to help a disadvantaged young person to find, grow and use their talent.  We want to share the simple fact that mentoring relationships can have a profound impact on everyone involved. Anyone really can make and will themselves experience a life changing difference."

Find out more about MCR Pathways or how to become a mentor or get involved in the Talent Taster Programme visit the MCR Pathways website.

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