10 May 2019

Any group of volunteers can now apply for Volunteering Matters Action Earth 2019 grants of between £50 - £250 to run environmental activities in Scotland’s green spaces. This includes enhancing local biodiversity by creating or improving habitats, community gardens, wildflower meadows, ponds, woodlands, urban greenspaces and other growing areas.

50% of our grants are for projects in areas where there is substantial social or economic deprivation. We also prioritise applications from volunteer groups who do any of the following:

•       Improve and develop the health and wellbeing of their local community
•       Involve disabled people, vulnerable people or those at risk of exclusion
•       Encourage and involve people under 26 in practical outdoor conservation

This year we also have a limited number of Enhanced Health grants of up to £500 for environmental projects which can demonstrate a significant health impact through working with people who have defined health and social needs. Check our website for eligibility and availability of these enhanced grants.

Projects should take place between April 2019 and January 2020. Grants are allocated on a first-come basis so don’t delay – register today at
Volunteering Matters Action Earth grant funding is provided by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).
For more information contact Volunteering Matters Action Earth on:
T: 07808 860356