MEMBER NEWS: Law Society of Scotland talk to mentor about her experiences

10 May 2019

Nadine Martin is an associate in the family law team at Harper Macleod. She is an accredited specialist in family law, child law, and family law mediation.

Mentoring – Is it for me?

During my time in practise there have been many occasions when I wished that I could have the benefit of a mentor – someone who could listen to me, ask questions and work with me to make the right decision. When I saw that the Law Society of Scotland were offering mentoring training I jumped at the chance to participate. I had many questions at the outset of the training and my time in Edinburgh working with a specialised mentoring trainer helped answer many of these questions.

Who would I be mentoring?

There will be a broad spectrum of people looking to access mentoring – from newly qualified solicitors navigating their first jobs to those looking to re-enter the profession after time away to long practising solicitors looking to achieve ongoing career goals. You will make a profile and choose which elements of mentoring you would like to participate in, so you get to decide what would be the best fit for your skills and life experience.

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