NEWS: STAF are looking for people to join steering group

26 August 2019

NEWS: STAF are looking for people to join steering group

Do you want to help shape Project Return?

 STAF are currently looking for people with care and/or justice experience, alongside members of the workforce to join this steering group.

Project Return was created to ensure that the wellbeing and success of young people leaving care is indistinguishable from that of their peers.

We know, frustratingly, that many young people who have care experience have faced adversity and trauma beyond what is experienced by their peers. This shapes an individual, impacting upon their mind, body and way of being. We are passionate about addressing this, ensuring that relationships and other positive supports are put in place so that young people leaving care no longer have to focus just on surviving but instead can thrive.

The project will take a co-productive approach in creating this change, bringing together those with care and or justice experience (CEP), managers, practitioners and trauma professionals. The project offers the opportunity for curious exploration of the supportive environments which are required to overcome adversity and create transformation for young people, workers and the systems surrounding them.

 The first meeting for the steering group will be an info session on the September 24th, which will provide more information on the project the role of the steering group and allow everyone to come together and have some fun. More information on this can be found here.