NEWS: Mentor Knowledge & Understanding Training Course now open for bookings!

29 July 2020

NEWS: Mentor Knowledge & Understanding Training Course now open for bookings!

We are delighted to announce that our new online training course is now available for bookings! This online course takes mentors through the fundamentals of mentoring and provides 8 units of knowledge and understanding for mentors to work through. Once the mentors have learned the 8 units of knowledge and understanding, they progress to the Mentor Training Assessment to measure how much they have learned.  

This course is ideal for projects who wish to train their mentors online in the fundamentals of mentoring, however projects will still need to cover the specific training elements which relate to their project (e.g project aims and safeguarding procedures).    

Each unit has set reading and activities for mentors to work through including the following: 

  1. What is Mentoring?
  2. Role of a Mentor
  3. Mentoring Skills
  4. Mentoring Processes
  5. Mentoring Models
  6. Mentoring Conversations
  7. Good Practice in Mentoring
  8. Mentoring Timeline

Key features of this course include:

  • This course is delivered using SMN’s online training platform.
    Learners will be given their own account which gives them access to the course materials and
    assessment and further reading.
  • The Course has been designed to be self-paced and provides the materials in a clear and attractive
  • Mentoring projects coordinators who wish to register a group of mentors for this course will receive a
    login to our platform which will allow them to monitor the progress of their mentors.
  • Mentoring coordinators can also choose to access an additional support session with SMN on what
    additional information they should cover with their mentors to provide comprehensive mentor

The course is available for members of Scottish Mentoring Network at £25 per person and £50 per person for non-members.  

To find out more, please contact

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