Mentoring Made Easy - A practical guide

24 November 2009

Author: Carlie Spencer, NSW Government

Mentoring provides an opportunity to build the potential of employees. It fosters professional relationships where parties have the opportunity to collaborate and share insights. It provides a forum to offer constructive and frank advice to support the career development of the mentee. It is particularly effective in fostering the career development of members of equal employment opportunity (EEO) groups such as women, people with a disability, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and members of racial, ethnic, and ethno-religious minority groups.
Mentoring offers managers and executives a cost-effective way of assisting groups of employees to acquire the knowledge and skills to operate within a changing environment. This booklet simplifies the process, and showcases the experiences of a number of NSW Public Sector agencies.
This booklet will also be useful to people who wish to establish a mentoring relationship outside a formal agency-sponsored program.
I commend mentoring as a powerful strategy.

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