Our Vision, Mission and Values

We are the membership body for mentoring services in Scotland.

At SMN, our vision for 2030 is:  

“Effective, high-quality mentoring, recognised, valued, and available to all.”  

And our mission is: 

"To increase the quality, reach, and profile of mentoring across Scotland."

Our values are: 

We Inspire
We are passionate and ambitious about mentoring. We encourage and support our members to continuously improve their mentoring practice and motivate others to start mentoring. We care for our people, through active listening, feedback, acknowledging contributions, and creating space for thinking and innovating.

We Collaborate
We work together with our members, potential members, our stakeholders and partners to achieve our shared goals.

We Empower
We encourage our people and those we work with to use a creative solutions-focused approach to emerging issues. We enable this by sharing information and creating a learning environment that celebrates and learns from both successes and challenges.

SMN is an incorporated, not-for-profit, membership organisation. As such it operates according to our Articles of Association. SMN is also a charity registered in Scotland