Current Activity

As a membership organisation covering projects throughout Scotland we are conscious that our prime role is to support members in every way we can within our own limited resources.

Core Funding

With core funding for 2017/18 from the Scottish Government’s Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention Fund (CYPFEIF) Scottish Mentoring Network’s (SMN) key objectives using this funding are:

  1. To increase the scale of mentoring in Scotland so increasing the number of young people who can benefit from mentoring and particularly those young people from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds.

  2. To increase the quality of mentoring in Scotland so increasing the effectiveness of mentoring  on the positive outcomes and in particular in terms of national outcomes and indicators.

  3. To increase awareness of the value of mentoring thereby improving  access to mentoring both through increasing geographical access and through embedding mentoring in wider support services and programmes which will improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

SMN will be working with members and a range of partners to achieve these objectives.

To further the development of mentoring and to assist members SMN offers a range of services and products and these include:

  • Advice and guidance on a range of mentoring associated issues including how to set up a mentoring programme.

  • Accredited training for Mentoring Co-ordinators and Mentors.

  • SMN’s Project Quality Award successful completion of which will enable projects to demonstrate to funders and policy makers that they are operating to a nationally recognised high standard. Members are able to access SMN’s Good Practice Guide.

  • SMN’s Evaluation Framework and the opportunity to contribute to SMN’s annual publication Mentoring Works.

  • SMN’s annual good practice sharing conference for mentoring practitioners.

  • SMN’s annual Recognition Awards presented at the annual conference.

  • The ability for projects to connect and share with each other either directly through the SMN website or alternatively facilitated by SMN.

Wider Strategy and Member Engagement

As noted under the section on Strategy, SMN works with a number of national partners to promote the use of mentoring as part of the solution to specific policy issues. This currently includes helping to reduce re-offending, trying to improve outcomes for young people transitioning from the care system and supporting young people who are looked after at home.

During 2017/18 we will be investigating other possible opportunities for the effective use of mentoring in other policy areas and will keep members updated through our monthly e-newsletter.

In addition we will examine ways where we can cost effectively introduce more thematic and / or regional networks to enable a more focused sharing of good practice.

As always we welcome contributions, comments and suggestions from members and partners and if you would like to make contact please either email us at or call 0141 559 5009