Charles Martin

Partnership Manager, The Wise Group & Vice Chair of SMN

Charlie Martin has been involved in the through care and re-integration of short term prisoners since 2007 when he joined the Wise Group as a Life Coach in the highly successful “Routes Out of Prison“ project.  Since then he has carried out various roles within the Wise Group and his most recent role encompasses Partnership and Performance Management of Community Justice Programmes, including the New Routes Public Social Partnership which is operates on a national basis and is funded by Scottish Government. As one of the architects of this service, Charlie was instrumental in ensuring that the New Routes Partnership utilises an intense asset-based mentoring approach with short term male offenders to help them identify their challenges, hopes and aspirations and help them to create a personal release plan to re-integrate with their families and communities and to move towards a non-criminal identity. Charlie is highly experienced in service design and project implementation and is currently seconded to Scottish Government Community Justice Division where he is involved in project management and policy development. In his spare time Charlie is a keen musician and also volunteers with several charitable organisations.