Marie Duncan

Head of Learning and Development, Kibble Education & Care Centre

Marie Duncan is the Head of Learning and Development (L & D) at Kibble Group, one of Scotland’s oldest charities and a leading social enterprise.  Kibble provides specialist services for young people at risk. Marie and the L & D team proactively promote all types of learning to around 700 staff.  Marie’s role is both challenging and rewarding - during 2017, almost 3000 courses were completed by staff in many diverse roles throughout the organisation.

Marie has always worked in the social care field and she has specialised in a number of areas including: drugs and alcohol prevention, youth justice and now residential child care.  Her enthusiasm for learning has shaped her career since she graduated with a PgD in Human Resource Management in 2002 and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Kibble Education & Care Centre joined Scottish Mentoring Network as a member in 2017.