SMN: Virtual AGM

19 February 2021 at Zoom

SMN: Virtual AGM

Urgent Message To all SMN Members

This is to advise that we need to adjourn our AGM scheduled for Thursday 11th February due to bookings not meeting the quorum required by our Articles.

The AGM will now take place on via Zoom on Friday 19th February at 4.30 pm with the same agenda as notified in the original notice. The link to the agenda is attached at the bottom of this event page. 

Please email if you can attend the re-scheduled online AGM.

Importantly, in order to ensure that we meet our quorum requirements, if you cannot attend the AGM on Zoom at the re-scheduled time, we need as many members as possible to appoint our Chair to hold their proxy (one per organisation). To do this, can you email to be received no later than 4.30 pm on Wednesday 17th February using the following words:

“I hereby confirm that we appoint the Chair of SMN, Allison Calder, to hold the proxy for [insert organisation] for the purposes of the SMN AGM on 19th February 2021”

Please note that any proxies received after the deadline will be invalid and cannot be included in the quorum.

A financial report on 2019-20 will be given at the AGM but we are attaching our accounts here. Please note that this is an unsigned copy as the signed version is in our registered office (which we currently don’t have access to). 

As we have only had two applications for the two Board vacancies, we are not required to hold an election. We will confirm who has stood down from the Board and who has applied to join at the AGM.

We hope that you can assist us in holding a quorate AGM, either by attending via Zoom or by submitting your proxy by the deadline time and date specified above. 


Kind regards, 

Maureen Watson

Chief Executive 

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