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Main contact: Joe Gibb
Tel: 01294 470 952 · 20 Mchardie Crescent , Barrmill , KA15 1HS

Youth Empowerment Scotland is committed to promoting the rights of young people ensuring young people can achieve their full potential. I have set up Youth Empowerment Scotland by developing an evidence based philosophy of care that is trauma informed, adverse experience aware, uses attachment theory and actively promotes resilience. Youth Empowerment Scotland’s philosophy of care informs the organisations theory of change that takes a strength based approach and uses a whole systems approach to tackle some of the complex entrenched personal and social issues experienced by those that we support. Our theory of change assumes that a young person’s behavior, circumstance & lifestyle choices they make are dependent on the way they see themselves, how they relate to others, and how they see their future. Youth Empowerment Scotland’s unique youth engagement approach will create an enabling environment ensuring that personal growth and development can take place through our five branches methodology. Our theory of change is informed by five equal branches of support which are:
• Sport (pathways),
• Education,
• Employability,
• Mentoring
• Youth Leadership