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Main contact: Adam Petrie
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Autism is a lifelong, neuro-developmental disability impacting an individual’s social interactions / communication, in addition to their relationship to the world around them. Autism is recognised as a ‘spectrum’ condition, illustrating that the lived experiences and needs of autistic people are diverse. No two autistic people are ever the same, and every autistic person has their own strengths and weaknesses – itself a reflection of how their autism impacts them day-to-day. Though many autistic people can live fully independently, others will require a lifetime of specialised support. We know that more than 1-in-100 people in the U.K. are autistic.

National Autistic Society Scotland (NAS) has been advocating on behalf of all autistic young people and adults, and their families, across the country for over 25 years. We know that there are approximately 56,000 autistic people in Scotland, supported by 225,000 people in families and their wider support networks. We continue to provide specialised care and support, in addition to information services, to autistic people all across the nation – at home and in communities, in groups, or on a ‘one-to-one’ basis.