Data Wanted: Scottish Mentoring Network Evaluation Framework

25 July 2018

Data Wanted: Scottish Mentoring Network Evaluation Framework

We are currently collecting statistics and stories of change for the next issue of 'Mentoring Works' and are encouraging all members to send us anything they have by 17th of September for inclusion in the report.

This year we want to gather even more evidence which we will collate and publish. This will be used by SMN to promote the effective use of mentoring in Scotland to policy makers and funders and will therefore be a direct benefit to members.

The more data we receive from member projects the more in-depth reporting we can provide on the reach and variety of mentoring across Scotland.

If you are able to contribute statistics on the numbers of mentors and mentees you are currently working with or any case studies or impact stories we would love to hear from you. You can submit any statistics you have via Survey Monkey here and any stories of change and impact that you have observed as a result of your mentoring programme here.

If you have any other evaluation documents or case studies you have produced we would be interested to see these too and may be able to use some of the information from these in our report. Please send these to

The deadline for submitting data and stories for the next issue of 'Mentoring Works' is 17th September 2018.

Further information on the Evaluation Framework is available here and the previous issue of 'Mentoring Works' can be viewed via the Resources section of our website here.  

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