DEADLINE EXTENDED: Call for Submissions for Mentoring Works Evaluation Framework

11 June 2019

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Call for Submissions for Mentoring Works Evaluation Framework

At SMN, we have re-launched our #MentoringWorks Evaluation Framework. It is a free service available to members of Scottish Mentoring Network that aims to collect significant data to demonstrate the value, reach and impact of mentoring in Scotland.  

We want to create a collective voice for our members, to provide a platform for influencing policy and gathering support for Mentoring in Scotland.  

In order to produce our next Mentoring Works in Scotland Report, which uses data collected from our members to show trends and activity in mentoring across Scotland, and we need any data you are able to give us whether or not you are using the SMN Evaluation Framework.  

We are asking for two types of data, Project Statistics and Stories of Change.  We are hoping to use as many submissions as possible to create this report, and so we are extending the deadline for submissions to Friday 5th of July 2019.   

Contributions from our members will be collated into a final report which will be circulated at the SMN National Event & Recognition Awards in Edinburgh on Wednesday 13th November 2019.  

Project Statistics

The Project Statistics we are asking for are:

  1. Current number of trained mentors
  2. Current number of mentees
  3. Current number of mentoring matches
  4. Average length of mentoring match
  5. Average number of mentoring hours per week

Any data you can provide can be included in the report, even if you are not collecting data on all of the statistics, please fill out the statistics that you have collected. 

Any statistics you have can be submitted easily online here.

Stories of Change


The 'Stories of Change' can be observations from a mentoring coordinator, mentors or mentees that demonstrate the difference that mentoring has made to individuals in your project.  All stories will be anonymised in the final report but credited to your project.  

Any stories of change you would like to share with us can be submitted online here.

We will ask you for the name of your project and your contact details when submitting statistics or stories.  This is so we can get back to you if we have any questions and to ensure that your organisation appears as a contributor in the finished report.  

All contributors will be sent a copy of the finished report which will also be circulated to funders and key decision makers to demonstrate the impact that mentoring is having in Scotland.  

Further information on the Evaluation Framework can be found on the SMN website along with a link to download a copy of the previous report.   

If you have any questions about the Evaluation Framework or the report please contact Katya Allcott on 0141 559 5009 or email