NEW SERVICE: Mentor Training Assessment

3 July 2019

NEW SERVICE: Mentor Training Assessment

The Mentor Training Assessment is a brand new service developed by Scottish Mentoring Network.  This online assessment enables Mentoring Co-ordinators to put their Mentors' knowledge to the test.  The assessment tests the topics covered in the Training Guidance for Mentoring Co-ordinators course, and allows mentors to have a tangible assessment of their knowledge and understanding of: 


  • What is mentoring
  • Role of the mentor 
  • Key mentoring skills 
  • Mentoring process 
  • Mentoring models - GROW and Egan's skilled helper
  • Mentoring Conversations
  • Good practice in mentoring 
  • Mentoring Timeline 

The fee for the assessment is £15 per mentor.  Once the fees have been paid, the Co-ordinator will be sent instructions on how to access the e-learning platform so that their mentors can begin taking the assessment.  Mentoring Co-ordinators will also be able to monitor the progress of their mentors' learning.  Once they have passed, they will each be issued with a certificate as evidence of their learning, giving your mentors a tangible outcome at the end of their training.  

Please note that this tool uses the materials from the Training Guidance for Mentoring Co-ordinators course to set the learning outcomes.  If you would like to use this in relation to your in house training, please contact us.