FUNDING: John Watson's Trust

27 January 2020

Grants for educational purposes for children and young people under 21 who have a physical or learning disability or who are socially disadvantaged.


  • Both individuals and organisations.
  • The Trust operates primarily within Edinburgh and the Lothians but grants may be awarded Scotland-wide depending on each individual case.
  • The Trust cannot routinely accept requests for day school or university fees, but grants are occasionally made for funding school expenses such as equipment, outings and tuition. School boarding fees may qualify for grants in exceptional cases where personal circumstances make boarding necessary.


  • Special or additional tuition
  • School trips within the UK (must be applied for by the school and not individuals)
  • Bus passes
  • School expenses such as books and equipment
  • Laptops where there is a special education need

 Applications deadlines for 2020 are: 24 January; 13 March; 22 May; 31 July; 30 October. More here.