NEWS: Another Production's Helen Parker, on why mentorship schemes are paramount in the bid to expand the diversity of our work places.

25 March 2020

The article below from the Shots website on why businesses and organisations in creative industries should be using mentoring to achieve high standards of equality: 

The battle for equality in the workplace has never been more fiercely fought than at this moment. 

The creative industries are lucky enough to have a number of dedicated organisations battling for equality, while businesses at all levels are held to account with the publication of league tables that note the number of BAME employees, women board members and staff members from diverse backgrounds.

"More than three quarters of Fortune 500 companies running a mentoring programme of some kind" .

But the focus should not just be about the end result. I believe businesses in all sectors could benefit from more time being devoted to the exploration of methods by which to achieve these outcomes.

Read the full article below: 

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