NEWS: We have launched our Going For Goals Campaign!

24 August 2020

NEWS: We have launched our Going For Goals Campaign!

Scottish Mentoring Network is launching a new campaign to celebrate what sets mentoring apart: goal setting. Whatever stage your mentoring matches are in, they are going to work together to achieve a goal that the mentee has set.  No matter whether they are big or small, the goals help give a structure to the personal development journey that the mentee is on.

We know that for many of our projects, setting goals during lockdown initially seemed like an impossible feat! With so many restrictions suddenly imposed on how matches could meet and projects having to decide how to continue mentoring meetings, everything was made much more complicated. 

This campaign will help demonstrate how important mentoring is to making a difference in people’s lives through helping set tangible, achievable goals.  We want to raise the profile of mentoring in Scotland, but we need your help to do so! We want to highlight your projects amazing work to impress upon our stakeholders how important your work is. 

In the network, our members are doing amazing work with their matches in so many different contexts, and we are launching this campaign to celebrate this! Whether it’s a particular goal from one of your matches or the goal of your project, we want to hear from you! You can join our campaign in a number of ways.  Here are some examples:

  • Write a blog about how your project approaches goal setting in your matches
  • Ask a mentee to record or film themselves talking about how they set a goal and how they achieved it!
  • Send us a photo of a match who are doing one of their mentoring activities
  • Sharing the campaign on your social media channel using our assets for Facebook and Twitter

Once you click on the link to preview the videos and photos, right click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner and click download. You can also email us and we will forward you the social media assets.  

Download the animated Facebook asset here

Download the animated Twitter asset here