NEWS: Glasgow schools to be paired with tech industry experts

19 May 2021

NEWS: Glasgow schools to be paired with tech industry experts

A new partnership between Developing Young Force and ScotlandIS have created the 'Digital Critical Friends' initative.  This programme will match teachers working in Glasgow schools with a specialist working in the tech industry.  The aim of the programme is to strengthen the connection between tech industry experts and educators.  It will enable tech industry experts to contribute to the curriculum on digital technology and computing science, and also help to close the digital skills gap.  

 Karen Meechan, Interim Chair of ScotlandIS, commented: 

"We know that a big reason the skills gap in our industry exists is because of the drop-off rates of school children and young people choosing the subject, or having the opportunity to.

“Our aim is to become involved to help rectify this and provide industry mentors for computer sciences teachers across Glasgow. This will allow us to let teachers know what’s happening, where the new technologies are, and help them advocate for more or better funding for their department and encourage young people into the computing and tech subjects.”

The programme has been launched off the back of the Logan Report, published last year.  It reviewed the Scottish techology ecosystem and found that 13,000 digital techology jobs are created every year and that filling them would contribute £1bn to Scotland's economy.  

Alison McRae, Senior Director Glasgow Chamber of Commerce from DYW Glasgow, added: “Businesses play a key role in the response to the recommendations of the Logan Review, this project provides a great opportunity for digital tech businesses in Glasgow and Scotland to influence future skills and talent to meet future economic demand.

“Our goal for this legacy-building project is to ensure the curriculum is industry-relevant, that teachers are upskilled, and sector savvy and young people have an increased awareness of digital career opportunities through industry influence.”

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