Awards 2015

Awards 2015

The SMN Recognition Awards 2015 were presented at our National Event at St Paul's and St George's Church in Edinburgh on Wednesday 4th November 2016.

The Project of the Year Award 2015 was presented to Move On for the work of its various mentoring services working with a range of young people.

Category Award Winners:

Individual Recognition Awards:

  • Employee Special Recognition Award 2015 - Corrin Henderson, DAY1
  • Employee Special Recognition Award 2015 - Charles Martin - The Wise Group
  • Employee Special Recognition Award 2015 - Mike Kerracher - YMCA Edinburgh Plusone Mentoring
  • Exceptional Contribution Award 2015 - Ronnie Reardon, West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership

Certificates of Continuing Excellence were presented to:

A Highly Commended Project certificate was awarded to:

Highly Commended Staff Member certificates were awarded to:

  • Kelly Roberts, Move On (Edinburgh)
  • Laura McKechnie, Move On (Glasgow)
  • Natasha McInninie, Penicuik YMCA-YWCA Plusone Mentoring

Highly Commended Mentor Certificates were given to:

  • Gavin Paterson, University of the West of Scotland Employer Mentoring Programme
  • Ian Miller, Lochaber Hope Mentoring
  • Megan Dodds, Kirkcaldy YMCA Plusone Mentoring Programme Fife
  • Paul Carr, Kirkcaldy YMCA Plusone Mentoring Programme Fife

Commended Mentor Certificates were given to:

  • Alister Gray, Move On (Edinburgh)
  • Amanda McCabe, Tayside Council on Alcohol
  • Campbell Macaulay,  Penicuik YMCA-YWCA Plusone Mentoring
  • Craig Scott, Penicuik YMCA-YWCA Plusone Mentoring
  • Caitlin McIlroy, Tayside Council on Alcohol
  • Danielle Gibson, Tayside Council on Alcohol
  • Diane Simeon,Tayside Council on Alcohol
  • Elaine McKinlay, Ayrshire College Peer Mentoring
  • Jude Madeleine, Day1 Mentoring
  • Kevin Porter, Move On (Glasgow)
  • Mike Morter, Penicuik YMCA-YWCA Plusone Mentoring
  • Sam Wittman, Perth & District YMCA Plusone Mentoring
  • Zara McKenzie, Tayside Council on Alcohol

More information on the award winners can be found in the event round up under the 'Resources' section of our website.