Morag Kerr

Founder, Interchange

Morag Kerr is founder of Interchange, an organisation that aims to provide interactive, motivational and engaging learning experiences for people in education, business and the arts. Morag firmly believes that continually being actively involved in learning helps us to develop greater personal confidence and resilience to cope with life in general.

Morag's career has spanned Primary, Secondary and Further Education as well as spending some time in the business sector as Training Manager for an educational resources company. She was the Lead Specialist, Learning Process for Scotland's Colleges from 2005 – 2010 and in this post led a team who provided staff development in Learning and Teaching across further education in Scotland.

In 2012 she was invited to be the 'expert' contributor in resilience for a Leonardo Project involving eight countries and helped to design materials and a workshop on Developing Resilience.

Throughout her career she has greatly benefitted from formal and informal mentoring from managers and colleagues and in turn has provided support as a mentor in a number of organisations in which she has worked.

Morag joined the board of Scottish Mentoring Network at the beginning of 2012.