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Main contact: Mark Harris
Tel: 01382 456 012 · The Wishart, 50 Constable Street, Dundee, Tayside, DD4 6AD

TCA has been developing and delivering mentoring services for 10 years and can consistently evidence effective engagement and delivery of positive outcomes for women offenders, persistent male offenders and young people. These outcomes include engagement with services, engagement with education and training, moving into employment, improved social skills, engagement with positive leisure activities.

TCA's Mentoring service has expanded dramatically over the last couple of years and now includes:

  • Women Only Mentoring (16+yrs)
  • Mentoring for Men (16-25yrs)
  • Plusone Mentoring (8 -14 yrs) - Programme Manager: Angie Farrell (01382 456 012)
  • Link Up Mentoring (14-18yrs)

A recent Tayside wide development for TCA is to deliver the Mentoring element for Tayside Intensive Support Service (TISS). Offenders are initially identified by Programme Police officers and will have 6 Previous convictions / cases within the last 12 months (acquisitive crime).

We also have offices in Arbroath and Perth and Kinross, each offering a range of mentoring services.