MEMBER NEWS: Online therapy lifeline for social care sector

3 June 2020

MEMBER NEWS: Online therapy lifeline for social care sector

Our members, The Wise Group, have responded to the Coronavirus crisis by creating a new counselling service based around the needs of those working in social care.  This service will be delivered online and will feature an online toolkit and online therapy.  Alex Cochrane told Holyrood magazine about the new sevice: 

I've been supporting people with complex needs, as a community justice mentor and counsellor, for over six years. Through my professional and personal journey, I’ve come to believe that if you get support in addressing the past you are more likely to lead a productive life by taking personal responsibility. The COVID-19 crisis means we’re living through a time where the future is uncertain, and for many in the social care system, traditional coping mechanisms may not be available or right for them at this time.

We’re seeing the impact of social isolation, changes in accessing statutory support services and loss of existing social structures in increasing drug use, drug over doses, suicides, self-medication and domestic abuse.

So, we created ReConnect CBT.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund, Re-Connect CBT is a programme of online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions designed with people in the social care system in mind.

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