SMN: Topical Event - Introduction to SMN’s new online training programme

9 September 2020 at Zoom

SMN: Topical Event - Introduction to SMN’s new online training programme

We would like to introduce our members to our new online training programmes. This event will give us the opportunity to show you how they work, costs and answer questions.To register please contact:

Mentor Knowledge and Understanding Course:  

This is a brand new online course for mentors to develop their knowledge and understanding about mentoring skills. This course covers the fundamentals of Mentoring and is suitable for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of mentoring and the skills it requires. This course has been developed based on the SMN Good Practice Guidance. It covers 8 learning outcomes that are then tested using the Mentor Training Assessment.  This course could be used as a standalone course for individuals who would like to understand more about mentoring and mentoring skills or by a project to supplement their mentoring training.

Mentoring projects should supplement this course with a session with their mentors outline the specific policies and procedures that relate to their mentoring programme.   

Mentor Training Assessment

This is a service developed by Scottish Mentoring Network.  This online assessment enables Mentoring Co-ordinators to put their Mentors' knowledge to the test.  The assessment tests the topics covered in the Training Guidance for Mentoring Co-ordinators course, and allows mentors to have a tangible assessment of their knowledge and understanding of: 

  • What is mentoring
  • Role of the mentor 
  • Key mentoring skills 
  • Mentoring process 
  • Mentoring models - GROW and Egan's skilled helper
  • Mentoring Conversations
  • Good practice in mentoring 
  • Mentoring Timeline 

Other services that we have adapted for remote delivery are:

Training Guidance for Mentoring Cooridnators: We work alongside a mentoring coordinator to develop briefing sessions for you mentors and mentees that can be used in combination with our new online Mentoring knowledge and Understanding course. SMN staff can deliver the initial sessions with the coordinator who will then be able to deliver future sessions independently.

Mentoring Project Development Guidance: We will use on online Mentoring Project Quality Award system to guide a project how to develop a mentoring programme that meets good practice standards. Once developed and your programme has completed a full mentoring cycle you can then submit your application to receive Quality Award accreditation. 

Professional Practice Award in Mentoring: We have adapted our credited rated course for mentors to allow us to deliver this using remote delivery methods.