NEWS: SMN Reacts to the Programme For Government 2021-22

10 September 2021

The Scottish Government published its Programme for Government 2021-22, this week.

SMN welcomes, in particular, the initiatives around supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to fulfil their full potential. There is specific reference to working with The Hunter Foundation on supporting care experienced and disadvantaged young people through it’s Mentoring and Leadership Programme. There is also a reference to setting up a national network of “Tech Scalers” for Scottish start up businesses. This will include the provision of mentoring for tech entrepreneurs.

SMN CEO, Maureen Watson, said: “Whilst we welcome the additional funding for mentoring in the two areas mentioned in the Programme, we will continue to call for more investment in mentoring across all Government departments. This would enable us to grow the support to mentoring services that we provide. As Scotland begins to recover from the impact of the pandemic, there is an opportunity to maximise the positive impact mentoring can have in supporting the recovery of communities across Scotland. SMN is uniquely placed to provide strategic oversight so that all Scottish Government departments can develop an understanding of the positive impact of mentoring".

Maureen Watson's comments echo the message in our Call to Scottish Government, 'Mentoring In Scotland: Rebuilding Through Relationships' that we published in the run up to the Scottish Parliamentary elections earlier this year.