Code of Practice

As a membership organisation the relationship between SMN as an entity and its members is governed by the following Code of Practice/Conduct:

The Scottish Mentoring Network will:

  • Distribute relevant information to all members
  • Allocate all contracts for services in accordance with agreed SMN policy
  • Provide access to financial information
  • Preserve confidentiality of market sensitive information
  • Consult members on strategic direction
  • Ensure directors are representative of the organisations which we serve
  • Ensure directors are competent, capable, prudent and committed.

Members of the Scottish Mentoring Network will:

  • Promote the concept of mentoring
  • Inform and actively support the strategic and operational direction of the network
  • Identify and bring to the network examples of Best Practice
  • Contribute to the sharing of information
  • Adhere to the requirements of individual contracts
  • Protect the integrity of individual relationships
  • Advise on initiatives impacting on the network positively or otherwise