SMN & our partners offer a number of standard training courses for mentoring coordinators and for organisations to use to train mentors.

These are detailed below. If you would like any more information on these training courses or have another enquiry in relation to training please contact Sarah : - 0141 559 5001/9

Professional Certificate in Coordinating Mentoring Projects - SCQF Level 9

A three day training course for those who coordinate or manage mentoring programmes in an organisation.The aim of the course is to develop and enhance candidates’ skills, knowledge and understanding of the requirements and different elements of establishing and coordinating a successful mentoring programme in an organisation.

Professional Practice Award in Mentoring - SCQF Level 7

A three day training course is for mentors, or those about to take on a mentoring role, to develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding of mentoring and to develop practical mentoring skills essential to providing quality mentoring support.

Training Guidance for Mentoring Coordinators

A 1 day training course for mentoring coordinators. The course enables coordinators to: Explain what good mentoring training should include, Understand key learning theories and practices and how these contribute to the delivery of quality training, Design a mentor training programme using a session plan template, Have access to and employ a range of mentor training tools, activities and resources and Review and evaluate a training programme for mentors.

Course participants will come away with a Mentor Training Pack. The first section of the pack provides information, guidance and the materials required to deliver the mentor training course. The second section is for participants and provides the documents and handouts that are given to prospective mentors attending the mentor training course.

Mentor Knowledge and Understanding Course 

This is a brand new online course for mentors to develop their knowledge and understanding about mentoring skills. This course covers the fundamentals of Mentoring and is suitable for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of mentoring and the skills it requires. This course has been developed based on the SMN Good Practice Guidance. It covers 8 learning outcomes that are then tested using the Mentor Training Assessment.  This course could be used as a standalone course for individuals who would like to understand more about mentoring and mentoring skills or by a project to supplement their mentoring training.

Mentoring projects should supplement this course with a session with their mentors outline the specific policies and procedures that relate to their mentoring programme. 

The course costs £25 per mentor for SMN Members and £50 per mentor for Non Members.  

Mentor Training Assessment

This is service developed by Scottish Mentoring Network.  This online assessment enables Mentoring Co-ordinators to put their Mentors' knowledge to the test.  The assessment tests the topics covered in the Training Guidance for Mentoring Co-ordinators course, and allows mentors to have a tangible assessment of their knowledge and understanding of: 

  • What is mentoring
  • Role of the mentor 
  • Key mentoring skills 
  • Mentoring process 
  • Mentoring models - GROW and Egan's skilled helper
  • Mentoring Conversations
  • Good practice in mentoring 
  • Mentoring Timeline 

The fee for the assessment is £15 per mentor.  Once the fees have been paid, the Co-ordinator will be sent instructions on how to access the e-learning platform so that their mentors can begin taking the assessment.  Mentoring Co-ordinators will also be able to monitor the progress of their mentors' learning.  Once they have passed, they will each be issued with a certificate as evidence of their learning, giving your mentors a tangible outcome at the end of their training.  

Please note that this tool uses the materials from the Training Guidance for Mentoring Co-ordinators course to set the learning outcomes.  If you would like to use this in relation to your in house training, please contact us.  

Customised Award in Peer Mentoring & Support for Vulnerable Groups

For organisations working with vulnerable clients and considering peer mentoring as a complementary service, the importance of providing more in-depth training, including the opportunity for personal development for their mentors, cannot be overstated.

By its very definition, peer mentors are often still clients and service users. It is therefore imperative we give them enough support and the best training possible to help them carry out this important function, as well as enabling them to get the most out of the mentoring experience themselves.

The Customised Award in Peer Mentoring and Support (CAPMS) meets this need. It has been specifically designed to prepare experienced service-users, clients and/or ex-clients to support people new to their programme.

Bespoke Mentoring Training

Scottish Mentoring Network keeps a database of trainers who can design and deliver tailored training programs to meet your projects' needs if you would like more infomation on this please contact Sarah : / 0141 559 5001